NextExchange is a programmatic private marketplace for digital advertising and working with the biggest Danish media owners. Tap into our marketplace of more than 800m impressions a month, both branded and blinded, through your existing buying technology.
In the digital market the media owners sell their traffic branded or blinded. With name or anonymous. As an example, if sell their digital ads, the market wants to pay a higher price if the traffic is branded – as a buyer you know it is – versus anonymous traffic. Most media owners are not able to sell all their traffic as branded traffic at a high price and will use the possibility to sell the remaining impressions anonymously at a lower price.
As a buyer you can decide the method of buying. Blinded traffic is named “nextexchange” and only consist of brand safe, high quality Danish traffic.

Nextexchange is a part of the IAB Framework which ensures transperency and control amongst its members